Commissioner Candidate Voting Records

This link provides information about the voting records of candidates for Davidson Town Board of Commissioners.  This information is provided by the North Carolina Board of Elections.  Note that Town of Davidson elections occur in odd numbered years.

Myself and the other two incumbents running for re-election (Stacey Anderson and Jim Fuller) have voted in every town of Davidson election since we respectively moved to Davidson.  In my case, that is every election beginning with 2007.  Stacey and Jim’s voting history in Davidson go back even further.

There are non-incumbents that also have 100% participation in Town of Davidson elections for which they were eligible.

There are several non-incumbents who have never voted in a Town of Davidson election, in some cases because they moved here since the most recent Town election of November 2015, and in some cases they just chose not to vote.  The three candidates endorsed by ‘Save Davidson’ have had 10 opportunities to vote in Town elections, and have never voted.  Many of those elections had contested mayoral races and multiple candidates running for Town Board.

It’s up to you to decide if this is relevant information.  I believe it is.  Being an elected official is about more than having good ideas.  It’s about being committed to public service.  I believe the basic commitment that one makes to public service begins with voting.  Voting is easy, especially in Town elections where lines are typically short.  It takes at most 30 minutes including getting to and from the polling location.  You can even early vote if that’s more convenient.  If you’re not willing to make that commitment, I think it is fair to ask whether there is a long term commitment to serving the public.




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