Endorsement By EqualityNC

August 26:

I am honored that EqualityNC has endorsed my campaign for Davidson Town Board of Commissioners.  EqualityNC works to protect equality and fairness for all residents of North Carolina.

Equality is not a partisan issue, and I’m proud that your Davidson Town Board of Commissioners – which is comprised of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents – have consistently supported equality.  We’ve broadened protections in our employment policies, and we unanimously called upon our state legislature to fully repeal HB2 after it was passed.

To paraphrase Dr. King, I have always felt it important to focus on the content of one’s character rather than the color of their skin,  their gender, sexual orientation, economic status, political affiliation, religion or any other characteristic.  I’ve always been grateful that my parents instilled that lesson in me, and I am hopeful I am doing the same with my children.

This past week I visited the home of a friend, an African-American lady who has lived here much longer than I and has seen many more things than I, undoubtedly from a different perspective than I.  Our visits are always courteous and respectful, but frankly we disagree on many things.  So after about 30 minutes of back and forth I said “walk me out with something positive.”  To which she replied “God didn’t make us black or white.  We make ourselves black and white.  I’m just as white as you are, and you’re just as black as I am.”

Equality means we are one community.  We’re different, but in the end we have the same hopes and aspirations.  My commitment is to never let our differences get in the way of working to realize these hopes and aspirations.


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