I appreciate your interest in Davidson, and in our campaign.  It has been an honor to serve as one of your five commissioners since 2011.  I am asking for one of your votes on November 7th.  Please watch the  video below to learn more about our accomplishments the past few years.  Thank you again.

There is never a single issue that faces an elected official.  Rather, commissioners must balance multiple interests, objectives, and core values.  Over the past six years, I believe we’ve struck the right balance in Davidson between responsible growth, open space protection, and stewardship of your tax dollars. Please read our issues page to learn more.

“Davidson has many core values, some of which are in conflict with others. All are important, and we must make progress towards achieving all of them. I believe we’ve struck the right balance between core values these past few years, and I will continue to work towards this end.”

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Highlights of Our Accomplishments Since 2011

Working together, the elected officials, professional staff and, most importantly, the citizens of Davidson have made great strides in advancing all of our core values since 2011.  This video touches on a ...

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